About Westcourt

Founded in 2005, Westcourt is a young firm with a driving ambition to create real estate destinations in major urban environments. Westcourt's founder and CEO Vinay Kapoor has brought together a talented team of international development professionals working from offices in London and New York and at two locations in India – Bangalore and Gurgaon. Westcourt has the resources, skills and enthusiasm to tackle large and challenging projects.

Our Approach

Our aim is to create distinctive, contemporary developments of exceptional quality that enhance their environment and meet or exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. We apply a systematic value driven methodology to every stage of every project ensuring that financial returns are maximized.

Committed to Quality

We bring to our work a responsible attitude and a passion for excellence in design and execution. We demand a lot from ourselves – our work must meet exacting standards of aesthetics, functionality and finish.

Buildings define the urban environment and impact on the lives of whole communities. Our buildings are respectful – they take local needs and environmental considerations into account, they create a positive ‘sense of place’ and they enhance the quality of life. We believe that taking the long-term view makes sound business sense so we build for the future, in the knowledge that quality developments retain or increase their value over time.

A distinctive feature of our approach is the attention paid to the needs of end users. We have extensive hospitality and hotel industry expertise within our team – this ensures user services are designed from the outset as an integral part of the development concept.

Driven by Value

We believe in adding value at every stage of real estate development and investment – from site selection through design, construction and marketing to ongoing management. Our uncompromising commitment to provide true value is key to the success of all our developments.

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